Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 4th Leg
Venue:  Fittleworth
Winner:  Steve Simmonds
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
Third:  Cody Hughes


England played Croatia in the semi final of the World Cup on the night that the 4th leg of the Moss Cup was fished at Fittleworth on the Rother. So the anglers who fished were very keen or managed to keep an eye on how the match was progressing. Again it was a dry warm night and the river was low although with a good flow. A Three Counties match was held on this stretch of the river on the previous Sunday and was won with just over 7lb of roach from the swim just after the stile. Again there were lots of gudgeon caught.

No surprises that Steve Simmonds was number one in the walk-off and elected to fish the winning peg from the Three counties match, which was also the peg that Keith won the first match from. He trotted a float to catch 3-11-8 of roach, dace and a skimmer to take first place.

Mick Greenway was fishing the swim after the Throat swim and trotted a stick float to catch 2-8-0 of fish. He caught 40 fish with half of them being gudgeon which was not surprising as swim was very shallow. He also caught dace, roach and a perch of about 8oz.

Cody Hughes was fishing the Throat Swim with his Granddad Keith and used the pole to catch perch, dace and gudgeon to weigh in 1-9-8 to take third place.

Steve trotted a stick float to win this leg
Steve trotted a stick float to win this leg
Cody opted for the pole to catch these
Cody opted for the pole to catch these

Mick Greenway won the four leg Moss Cup series with 37 points from Steve Simmonds with 35 points.

After 16 matches the state of play for the main trophies is as follows:

Clubman – Mick Greenway (123 points ) from Keith Hughes (89 points)

Matchman – Mick Greenway (506points) from Gary Collins (271 points)

Weight – Mick Greenway (111-14-0) from Gary Collins (64-6-0)