Match Report

Match:  Pole Only 2nd Leg v PDAS
Venue:  Stemps Wood
Winner:  Lorraine Talbot
4 - 15 - 8
Runner Up:  Rab Butler
4 - 4 - 0
Third:  Vince Herringshaw
2 - 0 - 0


The above results are from Stemps Pond and although a slight improvement on the first leg they were well down on expectations but not surprising when after being mild for days an unexpected overnight frost greeted the anglers at the draw.

Lorraine Talbot (PDAS) drew peg 1 and fished most of the day for carp and one of them duly obliged. This and two small roach made up her winning weight.

Second was Rab Butler who was fishing in peg 15. Rab also decided to fish for carp and lost a fish early on the match, after stepping up his tackle he connected with one and landed it. This was the only fish that he caught but was enough for second place.

Third was Vince Herringshaw, who was drawn on peg 11. Vince caught a lot of small roach at varying distances on pinkie.

Cart Pond

WINNER John Williams 4 – 2 – 0
RUNNER-UP Rod Legg 1 – 15 – 0
Third Steve Jeffery 1 – 9 – 0

John Williams was drawn on peg 28 and caught small roach steadily for most of the match on pinkie or squatt. John did manage to catch one better skimmer which boosted his winning weight.

Second was Rod Legg who was drawn on fancied peg 27. Rod started off really well and was initially matching John fish for fish, His swim became awkward to fish when the sun got up higher in the sky and made seeing the float very difficult resulting in fewer hit bites.

Steve Jeffery was drawn on peg 19, towards the shallower end of the lake. Steve managed to winkle out quite a few small fish on pinkie with a couple of slightly bigger roach putting in an appearance later on to help boost him to third spot.

After this second and final leg of the Pole Only Match three anglers were drawn on 19 points. But it was Vince Herringshaw with a better aggregate weight who takes the trophy closely followed by Rab Butler in second and Steve Jeffery third.