Match Report

Match:  Presidents Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Passies Match Lake
Winner:  Phil Tubb
18 points (31-5-12)
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
17 points (31-9-0)
Third:  Paul Ward
16 points (30-8 -12)


The second leg of the Presidents Cup was held on the Bunker straight of Passies Match Lake. The whole of the Bunker straight was used, from the bridge to the first corner. Rebuilding the platforms has now made it difficult to reach the far bank with the pole, particularly in the stretch upwards from the bunker. This meant that most anglers used the feeder to fish for carp.The temperature had dropped and there had been heavy rain in the previous week. On match day there was a cold North wind but fortunately it was not the normal Passies weather of high winds and rain. This match was set up to have two elements – A carp match and a silverfish match with the points from each being totalled to find the overall winner. Despite the colder weather there were some good catches of carp and silverfish, with four double figure silverfish bags and 5 double figure carp bags.

Silverfish Match

Phil Tubb 15 – 3 – 8

Keith Hughes 14 – 9 – 4

Vince Herringshaw 13 – 12 – 8

Phil Tubb was fishing the third peg along from the bridge and used the long pole to find some better quality bream/skimmers on pellet by fishing close to the far bank.

Keith Hughes was fishing one peg before the corner and used the long pole to catch roach and skimmers.

In third place in the silverfish match was Vince Herringshaw who was fishing on the first peg by the bridge and used the long pole or whip to catch roach and skimmers.

Carp Match

Paul Ward 22 – 11 – 8

Vince Herringshaw 17 – 12 – 8

Phil Tubb 16 – 2 – 4

Paul Ward was fishing the first peg past the bunker and found the carp at 9 metres on the pole to win the Carp match.

Vince used the feeder to take second place

Phil caught his carp mainly on the feeder.

Phil with his winning silver fish catch
Paul’s winning bag of pole caught carp

Overall this match was won by Phil Tubb (18 points) from Vince Herringshaw (17 points).

In the Presidents Cup series Vince Herringshaw leads with 18 points from Mike Kitchener with 17 points.