Match Report

Match:  Ransome Cup
Venue:  River Thames - Goring
Winner:  K Hughes
2 - 12 - 0
Runner Up:  S Simmonds
2 - 4 - 0


This report has been filed for Vince’s benefit as he was under starters orders and couldn’t come with us when we visited the Thames at Goring recently.

You might recall that we had a fairly disastrous visit at the back end of last season when the grand total of nothing was caught. Well this visit was infinitely better because fish were caught! Only 4 of our members turned up with about 6 from Portsmouth and 6 from the Goring Fire Service. We ended up with 2 of us drawing at the top end of the section fished almost next to each other and two of us at the bottom end of the section almost next to each other.

At the top end of the section perch seemed to be the main quarry and these were sizeable and quite vicious, Keith who was in that area lost fish to having his hook length bitten through a couple of times. Other anglers in the same area reported similar. At the bottom end there was a variety of small fish to be caught and Steve S who was in this area caught bleak, roach, dace, very small chub, gudgeon and perch unfortunately nothing was over about 4 inches long! Their were a couple of 5lb plus weights taken one a the top end that consisted of mainly perch and one at the bottom end consisting mainly roach. Of our club anglers Keith with his perch had 2 – 12 – 0 and Steve S had 2 – 4 – 0 of bits and pieces.

Our other two anglers faired less well; Rick had been unable to pick up any maggots or caster and had therefore made his mind up to go for glory and fish big baits for either the bream or chub and can be found in this area. Unfortunately they didn’t come out to play! Finally Rab – well I’m not quite sure what happened to Rab but his initial glee about the section that we fished would have obviously evaporated at some stage as he came back fishless.

Although not the best day’s fishing it was at least nice to have a day out in the sunshine with good company – even better company if Vince had been there!