Match Report

Match:  River 3
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  Ron Elms
22 - 11 - 8
Runner Up:  Duncan Elms
9 - 2 - 0
Third:  Mick Greenway
7 - 11 - 12


We were one less than the previous matches in the series as Jon was down in the west country Рprobably catching loads of Carp. For a change Duncan did not draw one, that honour went to Mick.

Ron drew two and rather than disappear into the wild blue yonder as he had at the previous two matches he decided to stay at the cattle drink which has been known to produce Bream at this time of year. He started off trotting but with only a few bits after an hour or so decided on a static bait on the tip. This was when the fun started and by the end of the match he had broken two rods, one of which was brand new – this was its first outing, but he did have five good Bream in the net. The Bream along with his earlier bits weighed in at 22lb 11oz 8dm to easily win the match.

Duncan meanwhile had decided to go to his normal spot in the mill pool and again Bream featured although only one, but alongside some Roach, Dace and Perch gave him 9lb 2oz for second place.

Mick fancied the crate swim and started off on the pole to the bush on the far side and picked up a number of decent Perch. He then swapped over to the rod and line, trotting down the middle and caught Roach and Dace until he hooked into something much bigger that eventually broke him right at the bottom of the swim. He was also having to deal with a Pike sat just under his net. Despite these setback he had a good net of 7lb 11oz 12dm for third place.

Ron (the Bream) with two of his five Coultershaw fish

Overall in the series Ron and Duncan tied on points with Ron winning on combined weight.