Match Report

Match:  Still Water 4
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
6 - 1 - 0
Runner Up:  Steve Penticost
2 - 10 - 8
Third:  Phil Tubb
2 - 3 - 0


Almost a full house on the match pond at Hurston and another day not to trust the weather forecasters, we were expecting perhaps a brief shower but not a two hour down pour, which saw some dashing back to their cars for brolleys while other decided to tough it out and same had just not brought a brolley with them.
The match was won surprisingly with an all silver fish catch, the Carp which normally dominate weights on the match pond were just not interested and although a couple of Carp featured in the places we would normally expect much more action from them, perhaps a combination of the atmospheric conditions and the fact that we had a lot of anglers round the pond put them down.
Vince Herringshaw was comfortably first with all silver fish and mainly small skimmers for 6lb 1oz. Steve Penticost had a Carp early on and then nothing for the rest of the match but at 2lb 10oz this was good for second place. Phil Tubb had a small perch early on and then nothing until just before the end he found a Carp and third place with 2lb 3oz. The rest of us frankly struggled with a few small fish here and there, not what we are used to from the match pond!