Match Results

Match Results

Pibworth Cup 3rd Leg - The Granary

The third leg of the Pibworth Trophy was fished at The Granary on yet another warm dry but … Read More

Milliard Cup 1st Leg - Hurston Match Pond

The first leg of the Milliard Cup was fished on a very warm and sunny Sunday on the … Read More

Pibworth Cup 2nd Leg - Hurston Middle Pond

This match was the second leg of Pibworth trophy and was held on the Hurston Middle Lake on … Read More

Presidents Cup 1st Leg - Stanbridge View

This was the first Sunday match and we fished a new venue for us, Stanbridge View. This is … Read More

Pibworth Cup 1st Leg - Hurston Match Pond

This was the first match of the new season. I was not at the match as I was … Read More