Match Results 2021/22

Match Results 2021/22

Away Day 5 - Stanbridge View

This was the first very cold day of the winter with a strong Northeasterly wind that swept across … Read More

Still Water 11 - Petworth Park

The weather forecast for the day was dry with a occasional sunshine – it turned out this was … Read More

Away Day 4 - Passies

A very wet and extremely windy Passies greeted the intrepid few who turned out for this match. We … Read More

Still Water 10 - Stemps Pond

Eight of us started the match but only seven were there at the end, Jon decided to go … Read More

Still Water 9 V Stedham - Hurston Match Pond

On Sunday 3rd October we held an inter Club match against Stedham Angling Club at our Hurston lane … Read More

Pairs Match - Stanbridge View

The pairs match was fished at one of our favourite away day venues –  Stanbridge View. From previous … Read More

Still Water 8 - Petworth Park

The anglers who turned up at Petworth Park were expecting a hard match with sunny and light wind … Read More

Still Water 7 - Cart Pond

We had a good turnout of ten anglers for Cart Pond on a day when we were expecting … Read More

Still Water 6 - The Granary

The first thing to say is that we did not get the rain that we were expecting and … Read More

Still Water 5 - Stemps Pond

The anticipated rain just about kept away and we certainly did not get what we were expecting from … Read More

River 2 - Coultershaw

Well we were very surprised by the pace and height of the river. It was around 2 foot … Read More

Still Water 4 - Holmbush

Our first visit for a match at Holmbush and most of us had decided that we would concentrate … Read More